CFA Board of Trustees

Become a Board Member

Ready for some real excitement in your life? (Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a little.) But the Friends of the Arts is an independent 501-c-3 non-profit organization and as such, has a Board of Directors that oversees its activities.

The Friends are always looking for community members to increase their involvement by joining the Board. It’s a “working” Board, so there is some commitment – but we have a lot of fun too! After all, it’s the arts. We bring good things to peoples’ lives!

CFA Board of Directors

Brenda Beckett President, TGIF Co-Chair
Aaron Alter, 1st Vice President
Donna Beyer, 2nd Vice President, Secretary & TGIF Co-Chair
Amanda Ecoff, Board Member & TGIF Co-Chair
Alfie Grube, Board Member, Membership Co-Chair
Evelyn Lipson-Radom, Nominating Chair
Anita Minard, Treasurer
Rusty Rack, Board Member
Marianne Rack, Marianne Rack
Sandy Radom, Board Member
Alan Rock, Board Member
Wendy Sabin-Lasker, Membership Co-Chair

Thank you to all of our board members! We couldn’t do all that we do without you. If you have any interest in joining our board, please contact us.